Bubble Sort Algorithm

One of the most elementary and natural sorting algorithm there is.

Sieve of Eratosthenes

This was the clever method Eratosthenes used to find prime numbers in ancient Greece.

Fast Modular Exponentiation

How can we compute \(a^b\) mod \(c\) efficiently ? This algorithm brings up some core ideas on how to do it.

Minimax Algorithm

How can we build an AI agent capable of playing turn-based games ? The minimax algorithm tells us how.

Exponential & Logarithm
Product & Quotient rules
Trigonometric derivatives
Chain rule
Implicit differentiation
Higher derivatives

What is the optimal way to match applicants with apartments according to their preferences ?

Bit Strings

How many binary sequences of length \(N\) are there ?

Building Roads

What is the minimum number of roads we need to build such that any city is reachable from any other city ?

Counting Rooms

How can we count the number of rooms given the map of the building ?

Dice Combinations

In how many ways can we roll dice such that the sum of the outcomes is \(N\) ?

Distinct Numbers

How many distinct numbers are there in a list of numbers of size \(N\) ?

Ferris Wheel

How can we match the children so that we minimize the number of gondolas needed ?

Gray Code

How can we generate a gray code, a list of bit strings with consecutive elements that have a Hamming distance of 1.

Increasing Array

What is the minimum number of moves required to make this list of numbers increasing ?

Missing Number

What is the missing number in the permutation \([1, 2, ..., N]\) ?


Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.


What is the longest contiguous sequence of genes in this sample of DNA ?


How can we compute the number of subordinates of each employee in the company ?

Trailing Zeros

How many trailing zeros does the number \(N!\) have ?

Two Knights

How many positions are there such that these two knights don't attack each other ?

Weird Algorithm

How is this weird algorithm related to an unsolved problem in mathematics ?

SoMe1 participation

This was my journey in the 3Blue1Brown Summer of Mathematical Exposition.


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